Agribusiness Management
The Agribusiness Management program abbreviated as ABM, focuses on the general components in agricultural business. The curriculum for this program was developed in consultation with the industry. The program is therefore attuned to the needs within this particular sector. 

Objectives of the program

The ‘Agribusiness Management’ program is designed to produce knowledgeable and skilled graduates whom have the ability to establish and profitably manage innovative and sustainable agro based industries on a national and international level, based on market dynamics and consumer behaviors.

What to expect as a student of the program Agribusiness Management?

The program focuses on the managerial aspects of the agribusiness sector and provides an overview of agricultural input supply, agricultural production, commodity assembly and processing, and agricultural marketing, and the financial concepts and methods in agriculture. The domains of the ABM program are:

• Professional Development

• Management

• Financing

• Marketing

• Sales

• Economics / Business

• Accounting

• Agricultural Production



Graduates of this program will be able to:

• Express global awareness

• Acquire insight and knowledge required for solving problems in the field of technology

• Practice personal and social responsibility

• Use a broad range of communication styles

• Demonstrate commitment to quality and standards

• Identify and apply laws and regulations pertinent to the program and profession

• Perform supervising and management tasks

• Apply cultivation practices and techniques used to produce various agriculture products

• Apply techniques and practices that support sustainable production

• Apply management and business theories and principles to the development of an Agribusiness enterprise

• Generate innovative ideas related to food marketing and agribusiness management

• Manage quality systems

• Comply with evolving national and international market conditions in the trade of those products and services provided by agribusiness.


Program overview

ABM has a modular structure with each module focused on addressing different aspects of the knowledge, skills and attitude required for achieving success within the field of Agribusiness. Each academic year is divided into four (4) periods of which each has a duration of 11 weeks (8 weeks of lectures and practical sessions, 1 week for exam preparation and 2 weeks for exams).

During the first year, students will follow courses which are mandatory for each program that is offered by the institute (general courses) along with program specific courses.

In year two students are obliged to participate in a 24-week long Workterm /Field orientation. The purpose of this component is to offer students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with

the various aspects of Agribusiness within a practical learning environment.

Students are also encouraged to develop a keen ability to recognize and resolve issues that they might be faced with in the process of running a (successful) agribusiness. Apart from the courses a maximum of two projects has to be completed each year. The objective of each project is linked to the contents of the courses of that particular year.


Duration of the study

The duration of the program is 4 years, each containing a maximum of 3 modules which will include lectures, projects, practical courses, seminars, field visits and internships. Submission of a report, based on findings of applied research executed by students, will form an important part if their final year assessment. Students whom have successfully completed the program will obtain the title ‘Bachelor of Applied Technology’ in Agribusiness Management.

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Agribusiness Management

Dit programma is ontworpen om deskundige en bekwaame afgestudeerden te produceren die in staat zijn om innovatieve en duurzame agro-gebaseerde industrieen op nationaal en internationaal niveau op te zetten en winstgevend te beheren, op basis van marktdynamiek en consumentengedrag.

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